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Grateful Dead Live at Events Center, U of Colorado on 1981-12-09

Set 1:
d1t01 - Cold Rain And Snow
d1t02 - Jack Straw
d1t03 - Friend Of The Devil ->
d1t04 - Little Red Rooster
d1t05 - Bird Song
d1t06 - Mama Tried ->
d1t07 - Mexicali Blues
d1t08 - Candyman
d1t09 - Cassidy
d2t01 - Looks Like Rain ->
d2t02 - China Cat Sunflower ->
d2t03 - I Know You Rider

Set 2:
d2t04 - Tuning
d2t05 - Scarlet Begonias ->
d2t06 - Fire On The Mountain
d2t07 - Estimated Prophet ->
d2t08 - He's Gone ->
d2t09 - Drums ->
d3t01 - Space ->
d3t02 - The Other One ->
d3t03 - Stella Blue ->
d3t04 - Around And Around ->
d3t05 - Good Lovin'

d3t06 - U.S. Blues ->
d3t07 - Satisfaction

Collection GratefulDead
Band/Artist Grateful Dead
Venue Events Center, U of Colorado
Location Boulder, CO

Source SBD -> Master Reel (7 inch Reel @ 7.5ips 1/2trk) -> Dat -> CD
Lineage CD -> Samplitude Professional v9.11 -> FLAC
Transferred by Charlie Miller


Patch Info:
Sennheiser 421 -> Master Cassette -> CD (By Jim Wise) supplies:
Bird Song (last 8 seconds - post song tuning)
Mama Tried (complete song)
Mexicali Blues (0:00 - 1:38)
Scarlet Begonias (6:20 - 7:35)
Space (4:52 - end of track)
The Other One (0:00 - 4:19)

-- All disc changes are seamless
-- I cleaned up many flaws and fixed the patches


Reviewer: gordon hensley - - December 11, 2014
Subject: jackstraw trainwreck interesting/lots of hilites
train wreck on jackstraw is kind of interesting in my opinion... shit happens. several parts of this high energy show kick serious ass. really like the LLR, and stella blue is awesome. pretty raucous satisfaction as well. almost made 5 star. a very worthy show.
Reviewer: Dylan M - - January 9, 2013
Subject: Stella Blue
Five Stars for this Stella Blue. Gans played it recently on his program and honestly the outro climax jam is so perfectly executed with proper emphasis on every important note and change.
Reviewer: doug_the_dude - - December 9, 2012
Subject: --
Kind of a choppy experience, this show, well as it is played. The remaster has all the needed patches and sounds about as good as we're going to get; thanks again, Mr. Miller.

Set 1 - Jack Straw *is* a train wreck. For the curious only, if you want to see just how badly a tune can break down without them just aborting it outright. The aud source for Bobby's cowboy tunes jars a bit for my liking (while the patches are just fine, entire tunes just feel out of place with the rest of the board). Bird Song is jazzy fun, and the back half of the set comes off better.

Set 2 - Fun, but nothing particularly exciting until the jam out of He's Gone, and they get it cooking a little - the jam following the Devils into and around Space is just lovely on many different levels - the Other One works *very* well towards the overall set's strength - check out Jerry during the 'aud patch' portion just before the board creeps back in. Stella comes off best in the set, a beautiful perfectly played version, as it most always was.

So a bit of a mixed bag, due to limitations on the initial recording and the band themselves, but they come out of this one solid - certainly worth a couple of hours listening to. Ah - but one final word of warning: Bobby sounds like he's tipping the barleycorn a bit too much here - for anyone that can't stand his vocal 'mugging' in '81-'82 - you know, the Dylanesque phrasing, talking excessively through the songs, even here announcing the break *during* the final vocal chorus of 'Rider' - well, you've been warned. I was never, ever a Bobby 'hater' but he certainly was obnoxious during some of the shows of this era.
Reviewer: njpg - - December 9, 2011
Subject: Not a particularly well-played show,
to say nothing of the whitebread set list. This board doesn't sound particularly good either.
Reviewer: kcmoeron09 - - March 20, 2010
Subject: where is jerry?
as wonderful as this performance sounds i must ask why does the lead guitar sound so low compared to the rest of the band? the tune 'looks like rain' is almost awkward b/c the vocals dont match the rhytem and the lead guitar is almost missing if you don't listen closely!

thank you kindly for the show, as others have posted charlie miller is the man, however this show seems a bit peculiar because i cant seem to find jerry!
Reviewer: utopian - - March 20, 2010
Subject: Sbd>mr!!
Yes from 81, where have these been hiding? Break em out!!

Can't think of another single show from 81 that sounds this
f-ing good. Crisp with lots of separation and definition.... Wow. There are some sbd>cm in circulation that are beautiful with a more vicious bass sound, but this is cleaner than many of the official releases.

This show is slighty overshadowed by some strong showings previously in the week, but has always been high on my list.

Sound 6
show 4.5

Reviewer: buscameby - - March 19, 2010
Subject: Sounds better now than it did that night
Finals were happening, stressed to the max, no money but couldn't miss a GD show 20 miles from home.

Unfortunately, the Event center sound SUCKED. This sbd from Charlie sounds better and feels better than I remember that night being.
Got home and had to pull a all nighter for a class I f**ked up anyway, should have let go and found the ZONE. Amazing how your Head will either make or break how you approach and experience a show.
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Grateful Dead
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Source: Taper: M. Laurentus; Taper Section: Section H, Row 30, Seat 1; AT835B's -SONY WM D6-C; Cassette-Tascam DR-5 Line In-CD Wave- Flac
Grateful Dead
by Grateful Dead
Source: Source: Schoeps CMC4/MK41 > Oade P/S? > PCM(Master) > PCM (Clone1); Location: OTS first row 110 degrees; PCM
Grateful Dead
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Source: Nakamichi CM-300 x2 > Cassette Master (Sony TCD5M/Maxell XLII-S 90) Cassette Master (Nakamichi DR-1) > Korg MR-1000 (1-bit/5.6MHz) > Audiogate (1-bit/5.6MHz > 24-bit/96KHz) > Soundforge 9.0 (edits) > flac24; Recorded from Taper Section 5, Row O, Seat 14 by Bob Morris
Grateful Dead
by Grateful Dead
Source: Source: 2 Sennheiser 421 microphones - up front/center> Sony TC-D5M - analog master cassettes;
Grateful Dead
by Grateful Dead
Source: Akg C460 Preis CK61 Caps > Uher 240; Master Tapes > Nak Dragon > Korg Mr1000 > Audio Gate > Adobe Audition CS6 > Traders Little Helper; Recorded Front Row DFC Behind Soundboard
Grateful Dead
by Grateful Dead
Source: AUD: Nakamichi CM300/CP4 shotguns > Sony TC-D5M > Sony UCXS90 (1st set) & TDK MA90 (2nd set) with no Dolby. Set up last row of floor far right (stage left) side.
Grateful Dead
by Grateful Dead
Source: Master Audience Recorded By Mr. Darby; SennheiserMD421s+Nakamichi CM300/CP4s (PAS/DFC/2nd Row Of OTS/6 Feet High)> Sony MX 10>Sony TC-D5M, Tapes Maxell MX; Transfer Information:Tascam 112 MKII (XLR Out)>Tascam HD-P2 @ 24/48> HDD>Amadeus Pro (Tracking/Fades/FLAC8); Tracks Renamed, Metadata Tagging With Tag&Rename By Keo
Grateful Dead
by Grateful Dead
Source: source: 2 Beyer M160 & 1 Sennheiser 421 microphones > Nak MX100 w/2001 > Sony TC-D5M (Dolby on) - analog master cassettes;
Grateful Dead
by Grateful Dead
Source: Recorded By B.R. And Mr. Currier Recorded From The OTS; AKG451 With Shotguns>AKG 9V Phantom Power Box>Sony TCD-D10 (Rob Berger's)> Sony TCD-D10>(B.R.'s Patch); Mr. Currier's Cassettes
Grateful Dead
by Grateful Dead
Source: lineage: (2) nakamichi 300 cp4> d-5 mc> sony tc we435> sony pcm m-10 24bit/96khz> soundforge> cdwave> traders little helper encoding option 8; conversion rate: 96000/24 bit